Monday, July 25, 2011

Hand Gestures

Okay, well... the sketch-a-day posts disappeared for a while. I'm still going to try to post a lot of updates, but I'd rather spend more time on each piece right now, because I'm working on some concept art for my upcoming junior film. So, while they won't be titled "Day X" anymore, I'll still have lots of goodies to put up. Like these 30 second gestures. I've been using this website as a warm-up tool recently for gestures.

Like I said, I've been working on some concept art for my junior film recently, and while I don't want to put a lot of it up yet until I have a better idea as to what it's going to be, here are a least a couple sketches of Geneva.

I finally watched Secret of Kells, which has some fantastic design in it. Very different from anything else that's out there in mainstream animation. I'm looking forward to their follow up, Song of the Sea. Here's Aisling from Secret of Kells:

The area I work at in Hollywood Studios recently got new costumes, and while the one I'm wearing now isn't so bad, the girls' new outfits look a little bit like clowns. So I drew it how I felt it should look if they want that polka dot look. (On the actual costume, the dots are ALL OVER.)

And finally, some hands. I've been doing a ton of hand studies, looking at everything from old Milt Kahl drawings to Secret of Kells stuff, and drawing a lot of hands from life as well. I'm finally becoming not quite so eager to hide my characters' hands behind things.

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